Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Borneo Cultural Festival Sibu Sarawak

The First Two Shoot are shoot on the first day of BCF i took it while preparing stuff for our Booth.

The View of Dataran on the First Day of Sibu Borneo Cultrural Festival

This is The Melanau Corner which is near to the Melanau/Melayu stages. (correct me if i'm wrong)

So far this is the other one homemade burger that i saw in Borneo Cultural Festival 2012
Okey actually i wanna have some inai on me but due to my busyness and my lack of time i didn't make it.

Yess....there are booth which sells flowers, gardening stuff n etc etc etc

And not to forget those some FUN stuff here i only shoot this one ya u know all these shoot are RUSHING shoot. 

And then this one...
These are another Booth that i can't quite recall whose booth is it. i snap it just because their booth got this Landscape things happening around it.

The Next Seven Shoot are at the Chinese area this area got the pretty great view just that i'm in the rushing mode capturing all those snapshot. ENJOY my ugly shoot

Okey again here are the shoot at the Malay area.

This is the interesting part ! This is the only time u can jump into these wheel than feel how it feel to sit in it though. LOL

This is the main stage (again my hurry shoot) cincai tangkap saja ma.. OH.. This is our MAIN STAGE.

isn't they cute ??? aaaawwweeee .... one of the worker says "JANGAN SENTUH" then i was like "SORRY APA BANG??? TAK PAHAM KAMU CAKAP APA" (my hand was still pulling these animal hair from the outside of the cage) Hihihihi

Now... Lets turn back to the Melanau booth they display all these stuff like here i got the sago tree trunk and etc etc...

This is the Malay stage Sorry guys i'm unable to capture some shoot on the IBAN tribe stage...

Wait for two more years for another Borneo Cultural Festival see u guys again in 2014 <3

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